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How to Reset Network Settings on Windows 11

How to Reset Network Settings on Windows 11

Resetting your network settings on Windows 11 is a simple process that can help fix any issues you may be having connecting to the internet or your local network. A reset will clear any custom network settings and restore the defaults. This allows you to start fresh with a clean slate for your network configuration. Follow these steps to reset your network settings on Windows 11:

Back Up Important Data

Before making any major changes to your system settings, it’s always a good idea to back up your important files and data. This will allow you to restore anything that may get lost during the reset process. Plug in an external hard drive or access cloud storage and copy over any documents, photos, music, or other data you don’t want to risk losing.

Access the Windows Settings Menu

First, click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your desktop. This will open up the Start Menu. Next, locate and click on the gear icon in the Start Menu to open up Windows Settings. The gear icon looks like a small cogwheel. Then, once you are in the Settings menu, you will find all of the options to configure and reset your network settings. For example, you can click on Network & Internet to see your Wi-Fi networks and Ethernet connections.

Additionally, under Network & Internet you may see options to set up a new connection or troubleshoot problems. Overall, the Windows Settings menu provides a centralized place to access all of your system settings, including network configuration.

Navigate to Network & Internet Settings

In Windows Settings, click on “Network & Internet” on the left side. This will display all of your current network and internet configuration options. Also, under “Advanced network settings” you will see a link for “Network reset”.

Click the Network Reset Button

Simply click on the blue “Network reset” button to initiate the reset process. Windows will warn you that this will remove all custom network settings. Click the “Reset now” button in the pop-up window to confirm.

Restart Your Computer

Once you’ve clicked to reset your network settings, Windows will get to work reverting everything back to the original defaults. It only takes a few seconds, but you will need to restart your computer to complete the process. Windows will prompt you to restart once it’s done. Then, click restart and your computer will boot back up with fresh network settings.

Reconnect to Your Network

Upon restarting, Windows will automatically attempt to reconnect to any nearby WiFi networks that you’ve connected to before. If for some reason it doesn’t automatically reconnect, go back into Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and select your network to connect manually.

If you use a wired ethernet connection, just plug your ethernet cable back in and Windows will automatically reconnect. If you need to set up any custom network settings like static IP addresses, you’ll have to enter those again from scratch.

Verify Connectivity

Once reconnected to your network, do some basic tests to make sure your connectivity is working. Browse to some websites, stream video, or connect to other devices on the network to verify that the reset was successful. Running a speed test can check if your normal internet speeds recovered.

Troubleshoot Problems

If you still have issues after the network reset, there may be a deeper problem. Check for any error messages or indicators of what may be going wrong. Refer to your device manuals or contact your ISP for help identifying connectivity problems. Additional troubleshooting steps like rebooting routers, resetting modems, or reinstalling network adapter drivers may be required.

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Resetting your network settings is an easy first step in resolving most network problems on Windows 11. Clearing out any old settings and starting fresh can get connectivity back up and running quickly. However, if issues persist, be prepared for some additional troubleshooting to get to the bottom of any complex network problems.

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