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How to See Birthdays on Snapchat in 2023

How to See Birthdays on Snapchat in 2023

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among younger audiences. One of Snapchat’s standout features is its integration of birthdays. Snapchat makes it easy to see which of your friends have birthdays coming up and even lets you create birthday-specific Stories.

If you want to make sure you never miss a friend’s birthday on Snapchat, here is a step-by-step guide to seeing birthdays in 2023.

Check the Birthdays Page

The easiest way to see upcoming birthdays is to visit the Birthdays page in Snapchat. Here’s how:

Open the Profile Menu

  1. Open Snapchatand tap your profile icon in the top left corner.
  2. This will open your profile menu.

Navigate to the Birthdays Page

  1. In your profile menu, tap the birthday cake icon near the top of the screen.
  2. This will take you to the Birthdays page.

The Birthdays page shows you whose birthday is coming up next and a list of all your friends’ birthdays. You can scroll through the list to see the full schedule of birthdays.

View Birthdays on the Friends Page

You can also see your friends’ birthdays right from the Friends page in Snapchat.

Open Your Friends List

  1. In Snapchat, tap the contacts icon in the top left to open your Friends page.
  2. This shows your full friends list.

Look for Birthday Emojis

Scan your friends list – any friend with a birthday coming up will show a birthday cake emoji next to their name. Tap the emoji to see which day their birthday lands on.

This makes it easy to spot any upcoming birthdays at a glance from your Friends page.

Set Birthday Reminders

For important birthdays you don’t want to miss, use Snapchat’s built-in reminders.

Go to a Friend’s Profile

  1. Open your Friends page in Snapchat.
  2. Tap on the friend whose birthday you want a reminder for.

Open Memories

  1. In your friend’s profile, tap the three horizontal lines menu.
  2. Tap “Memories.”

Create a Reminder

  1. In Memories, tap the bell icon in the top right.
  2. Tap “Add Reminder.”
  3. Set the reminder for the day before their birthday.

Now Snapchat will send you a notification the day before that friend’s birthday, so you never forget.

See Birthdays in Chat

If a friend has a birthday coming up, you’ll also see it noted in your chat with them.

Look in Your Chats

  1. Open the Chat page in Snapchat.
  2. Scan through your recent chats.

Spot the Cake Icon

If a friend’s birthday is approaching, you’ll see a small birthday cake icon next to their name in your chat.

Tapping the cake shows the number of days until their birthday. So whenever you message a friend in the app, you’ll be reminded of their special day.

Use Birthday Snapchat Lenses

One of the best parts of birthdays on Snapchat are the fun, birthday-themed lenses you can use.

Open the Camera

  1. Tap the capture button to open the Camera.

Browse Lenses

  1. Tap the Smiley face icon to browse Lenses.
  2. Scroll through the carousel to find birthday lenses.

Try Them Out!

Tap a birthday lens to apply it. These add overlays like birthday hats, cakes, and confetti to your Snaps and Stories.

It’s a fun way to celebrate your friends’ birthdays right in the app.

Utilize Birthday Mini Profiles

Snapchat now lets you create mini birthday profiles showcasing birthday wishes from friends.

Go to Your Profile

  1. Tap your profile icon in the top left of the app.

Tap the Plus Icon

In your profile, tap the “+” icon and select “Add Mini.”

Create a Birthday Profile

  1. Choose the birthday mini profile template.
  2. Input your birthday.
  3. Share it with friends.

Friends can then submit birthday wishes that will appear on your mini profile. It’s an easy way to collect birthday greetings!

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Share Birthday Stories

Of course, you can also use Snapchat Stories to celebrate birthdays.

Create a Birthday Story

On your friend’s birthday:

  1. Tap the plus button to start a new Story.
  2. Select their birthday Story.
  3. Add photos, videos, and stickers to celebrate them!

Share Publicly or With Friends

  1. After creating the Story, choose how you want to share it.
  2. Select if you want to share it publicly, with specific friends, or to your Story.

Stories are a fun way to showcase birthday love on someone’s special day.


Snapchat makes it incredibly simple to keep track of your friends’ birthdays. By using the Birthdays page, Friends page, chat reminders, lenses, and Stories, you’ll never miss another birthday.

In 2023, make sure you take advantage of Snapchat’s birthday features. They offer low-pressure ways to show your friends you care on their special day.

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