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How to Use Taptic Time on Apple Watch

How to Use Taptic Time on Apple Watch

The Taptic Time feature on Apple Watch uses haptic feedback to discreetly tap you on the wrist on the hour. This allows you to keep track of time without having to look at your watch face. Taptic Time is easy to enable and can be a useful tool to help you stay on schedule.

What is Taptic Time?

Taptic Time utilizes the taptic engine inside Apple Watch models to provide haptic feedback on your wrist at every hour interval. Instead of audible alarms or noisy notifications going off, Taptic Time subtly taps you via vibration. This makes it an unobtrusive way to maintain awareness of the time throughout your day.

The taps occur right on the hour and feel like someone is gently tapping you on the wrist. Depending on your watch band style, you may feel the taps more directly on your skin or muted through the band. But in either case, it should be enough to get your attention without disturbing others around you.

Benefits of Using Taptic Time

Here are some of the advantages of using Taptic Time on your Apple Watch:

  • Discreet – Taptic Time is subtle and won’t audibly disrupt conversations or meetings. Just a simple tap that only you notice.
  • Helpful for time management – The hourly taps can keep you on track and aware of time passing without having to constantly check your watch face. Useful for productivity.
  • Reduces distractions – Since you don’t have to look at the screen for the time, Taptic Time reduces how often you get pulled into other distractions on your watch.
  • Convenient timekeeping – For quick glances at your wrist, Taptic Time gives you a general sense of where you are time-wise in the hour without turning on the screen.
  • Customizable – You can set Taptic Time to only be active during certain hours where you want the hourly alerts.
  • Accessible – The haptic feedback makes Taptic Time ideal for those with vision impairments. It works unobtrusively in meetings and for those with hearing difficulties.

How to Enable Taptic Time

Enabling Taptic Time on your Apple Watch only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Sound & Haptics’.
  3. Under the ‘Haptics’ section, tap ‘Taptic Time’.
  4. Toggle the ‘Taptic Time’ switch to the ON position. It will turn green when activated.
  5. Scroll down to ‘Schedule’ to set specific hours and days you want Taptic Time enabled if you don’t want it on all the time.
  6. Tap each hour interval you want to activate Taptic Time for on each day. Activated hours will display a green dot.
  7. Tap ‘Sound’ to select the haptic intensity from Prominent, Medium, or Subtle.

That’s it! Taptic Time is now enabled on your Apple Watch. The first taps will start on the next upcoming hour interval.

Customizing Taptic Time

A few customization options are available for Taptic Time in the Apple Watch settings:

  • Intensity – As mentioned you can set the haptic feedback intensity to your liking under the Sound menu.
  • Schedule – Choose the specific hours of the day and days of the week you want Taptic Time active. Great for only using it during working hours or weekdays, for example.
  • Link to iPhone – Enable this to sync the Taptic Time schedule between your Apple Watch and iPhone for consistency.
  • Haptic app notifications – Determine if you want alerts from third party apps to provide haptic feedback as well. Can be useful for certain apps.

Take some time to tailor these options to match when you want to receive the Taptic Time alerts based on your typical daily schedule and preferences.

Taptic Time Tips

Here are some useful tips to get the most out of the Taptic Time feature on your Apple Watch:

  • Wear your watch snugly on your wrist to best feel the taps.
  • Try different band styles like loops or metal to determine which transmits the Taptic Time alerts best for you.
  • Adjust the intensity higher if you have trouble noticing the initial default subtle setting.
  • Place your watch on your non-dominant hand to avoid excess vibration if writing or typing frequently.
  • Make sure Do Not Disturb is not activated on your watch if you stop feeling the Taptic Time taps.
  • Turn off mirror iPhone alerts if you don’t want Taptic Time synced with your phone.
  • Consider setting Taptic Time to only activate during your typical working hours for productivity.
  • For meetings, enable subtle intensity and disable app notifications to avoid excess haptics.

Take advantage of the customizations so Taptic Time works optimally according to your needs and schedule.

Troubleshooting Taptic Time

If Taptic Time is not providing haptic feedback on the hour as expected, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check that Taptic Time is enabled in the Sound & Haptics settings.
  • Make sure the watch is snug on your wrist and that you can feel haptics for other alerts.
  • Try increasing the Taptic Time intensity setting to Prominent.
  • Verify Do Not Disturb mode is not activated on the watch.
  • If synced to your iPhone, check that your iPhone Taptic Time settings match your watch.
  • Force quit and restart the Watch app on your iPhone if settings are correct but it’s still not working.
  • Unpair and re-pair your watch with your iPhone to reset the connection.
  • Contact Apple support if still not functioning after troubleshooting.

Also ensure Software Update is enabled so your Apple Watch is running the latest version of watchOS for optimal performance.

Taptic Time Considerations

While Taptic Time can be helpful for maintaining time awareness, keep a few things in mind:

  • It doesn’t replace alarms or calendar alerts for appointments. Still use those features as needed.
  • The taps may not be noticeable in loud environments.
  • Wearing gloves or winter coats can muffle the haptic feedback.
  • It’s dependent on your watch having battery and being worn. Easily disabled if it gets annoying.
  • May not be appropriate for all work environments or meetings. Use your discretion.
  • Not a substitute for checking your watch face for the exact minute time.

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Think of Taptic Time as a supplemental convenience for general time consciousness rather than an absolute necessity. Determine if it helps boost your productivity and use cases where it’s most useful for you.


Taptic Time is a handy feature of the Apple Watch that uses haptic feedback to provide discreet hourly taps. It can aid time management, reduce distractions, and keep you punctual without audible disruptions. Customize the intensity, active hours, and other settings to make Taptic Time ideal for your needs. Troubleshoot any issues with the taps activating. Consider its limitations and how it fits into your personal workflow. When used strategically, Taptic Time can be a unique productivity booster on your Apple Watch.

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