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How to Vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

How to Vote in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

The Minecraft Mob Vote is an annual event where players can vote for one of three mobs to be added to the game. With the Mob Vote 2023 approaching, here is a guide on how you can participate and cast your vote.

What is the Minecraft Mob Vote?

The Mob Vote is a community event held by Mojang Studios where players can vote on a new mob to be added to Minecraft. It began in 2017 and has since become an annual tradition for the Minecraft community.

During Minecon Live, Mojang presents three new mob ideas for players to choose from. The mob that receives the most votes will be officially added in a future Minecraft update. Previous winning mobs include the Phantom, Taiga Biome, and Allay.

When and Where Does the Mob Vote Take Place?

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 will take place on October 15, 2023 during Minecon Live. Minecon is Mojang’s annual livestreamed event where they make big announcements about Minecraft.

You can watch the Mob Vote live on Minecraft’sYouTube channel or Twitch channel. The vote will likely take place towards the end of the Minecon Live stream.

How to Vote in the Mob Vote

When the Mob Vote begins, there will be a voting screen shown with pictures of the three mobs and their names. Here is how to cast your vote:

  1. Go to the Official Minecraft Website – To vote, you need to go to the official Minecraft website at This is where the voting will take place.
  2. Log Into Your Microsoft/Xbox Account – To submit your vote, you need to log into your Microsoft or Xbox account that is connected to your Minecraft game. Make sure you’re logged in before voting starts.
  3. Click on Your Preferred Mob – Once voting begins, simply click on the picture of the mob you want to vote for. Your vote will then be immediately counted.
  4. Share and Encourage Votes on Social Media – Post about the Mob Vote on your social media to encourage your friends and followers to vote for your choice! Share mob hashtags like #VoteSniffer.

Tips for Participating in the Mob Vote

Here are some tips to make the most of your participation in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023:

  • Vote early – Don’t wait until the last minute to vote. Submit your vote as early as possible in case of any technical issues.
  • Use all your available votes – You can vote from every available device by logging into your Microsoft/Xbox account, so take advantage of all your votes!
  • Campaign for your mob – On social media, make posts encouraging people to vote for the mob you want added. Share fan art, mob name hashtags, and reasons why others should vote for your choice.
  • Watch live reveals – Tune into the livestream to see the mobs revealed for the first time before voting begins. This can help influence your decision.
  • Don’t get too attached – Remember that only one mob will get added, so don’t be too disappointed if your mob doesn’t win. The vote is meant to be fun!

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: How to Follow the Results

Once the voting concludes, Mojang will reveal the winner live during Minecon. To follow along with the final results:

  • Keep watching the Minecon Twitch or YouTube livestream to see the winner announced.
  • Follow Minecraft and developers on social media, where they will post the results.
  • Check the Minecraft website and blog, which will feature the winner.
  • Search for #MobVote on social media to see community reactions and discussion about the outcome.

The winning mob will be formally announced and celebrated by Mojang. They will then get added in a future Minecraft update for all players to interact with!

Get Excited for the Mob Vote 2023!

The Mob Vote brings the entire Minecraft community together for some friendly mob-petitioning fun. Following the vote results is always thrilling to see which mob prevails. Most importantly, the winner gets the honor of joining the legendary mobs already in the Minecraft universe.

With the vote fast approaching, make sure to tune into Minecon Live 2023 and use this guide to successfully cast your Mob Vote. May the best mob win!

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