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What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among teenagers and young adults. With its fun filters, disappearing messages, and streaks, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to the unique terminology and culture of Snapchat. One term you may see popping up in Snapchats is “GTS”. So what does GTS mean on Snapchat?

What GTS Stands For

GTS stands for “Goodnight Streaks/ Go to sleep ” on Snapchat. It’s used to signify that someone is going to bed and wants to maintain their Snapstreaks before signing off for the night.

A Snapstreak occurs when two friends have snapped each other back and forth for multiple consecutive days. Little flame icons appear next to streaking friends’ names, showing how long the streak has gone on. Streaks are hugely important in Snapchat culture, with some friendships maintained primarily through keeping long-running streaks alive.

So when someone is ready to call it a night, they send out mass Snaps saying GTS. This alerts all their friends not to expect Snaps again until the next day. It keeps the streaks going by ensuring both parties have sent Snaps within 24 hours.

When People Send GTS Snaps

GTS Snaps are typically sent late at night before going to sleep. This serves as a digital way to say goodnight to all your friends at once.

You’ll generally see GTS Snaps between 9pm and midnight, although times can vary depending on the user’s sleep schedule. It’s a routine many Snapchatters have before bed, right alongside brushing teeth and setting alarms.

The main purpose is maintaining streaks while letting friends know not to expect any late-night Snaps. But GTS also has a social function, creating a sense of community and closeness among Snapchat friends.

How to Respond to a GTS Snap

When someone sends you a GTS Snap, there are a few common ways to respond:

  • Send a simple goodnight message back – This keeps the streak going while letting them know you saw their message.
  • Send your own GTS to them – If you’re also heading to bed, feel free to send your own GTS Snap after responding.
  • Leave it on opened – Since the main purpose is maintaining streaks, it’s okay to leave a GTS Snap on opened and not respond.
  • Send a selfie or photo back – Some friends respond to GTS with funny selfies or photos saying goodnight. This adds a more personal touch.
  • Add your own GTS to your story – Posting your own mass GTS Snap lets all your friends know you’re signing off too.

The main thing is to make sure you open and view the GTS Snap within 24 hours to keep your streak going. Beyond that, respond however you normally would to a goodnight message from a friend.

Fun Ways People Send GTS Snaps

While a simple “GTS” text overlay gets the message across, Snapchatters often get creative with their goodnight Snaps. Here are some popular ways people send funny or unique GTS Snaps:

  • Creative captions – Using punny captions like “Goodnight streakers!” or song lyrics.
  • Bitmojis – Sending your customized Bitmoji character going to bed.
  • Reaction selfies – Using the front-facing camera to show exaggerated shocked or sad faces.
  • Memes – Attaching hilarious memes about saying goodnight.
  • Filters – Using nighttime filters like the moonlight or Northern Lights ones.
  • Drawings – Drawing your own artistic GTS creations.
  • Mouth filters – Saying goodnight with the big mouth or small mouth filters.

Getting inventive with your GTS Snaps adds a more personal touch to the daily ritual. It also spreads more positivity before signing off Snapchat for the night.

GTS and Snapchat Etiquette

When sending and receiving GTS Snaps, there are some general Snapchatetiquette rules to keep in mind:

  • Don’t repeatedly send GTS if someone doesn’t respond – They likely just went to bed.
  • Don’t get upset if someone forgets to send you GTS – Not everyone follows the ritual.
  • Don’t purposefully break streaks because you didn’t get a GTS – Be the bigger person.
  • Don’t bombard new Snapchat friends with GTS – Use it for established, frequent contacts.
  • Keep GTS Snaps clean – Since it’s a public goodnight, don’t overshare.
  • Don’t stress too much over responding – You can always catch up in the morning.

Following basic Snapchat manners around GTS goes a long way! The main goal is maintaining active streaks, not strictly enforcing proper etiquette.

In Conclusion

So in summary, GTS on Snapchat simply stands for “Goodnight Streaks”. It’s a popular social media ritual used to say goodnight while keeping Snapstreaks alive. Snapchatters send GTS Snaps before bed, signaling they’re signing off for the night. Responding with your own goodnight message or selfie keeps the streak going until the next day. Sending creative and fun GTS Snaps adds a more personal feel to the daily habit. With its mix of practical and social purposes, the tradition of the GTS Snap looks to be going strong among Snapchat users.

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